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Shondaland: one of the main characters is about to get killed

You can love or hate Shonda Rhimes, but one thing is for sure: she knows what storytelling is and can definitely get you hooked up in her stories.
Now, imagine the shock of those stories’ fans when one of their favorite characters, in which they have invested so much (emotional) energies, will be killed.
Ok, I agree, there are worse things that can happen to you in real life, but, fandom-wise, that’s almost worse than your favorite series being canceled out of nowhere.

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Shonda Rhimes’ take on Ferguson’s racial problem in Scandal

One of the unspoken rules of Hollywood is that you can’t actually talk about current hot political or historical topics. Or, if you really want to do it, you usually need to disguise them by setting your story in another time, place or even galaxy.
This rule (of course), as many others, does not apply to Shonda Rhimes.
So in this week’s episode of her hit show Scandal she got to talk about the racial problem by using a setting strikingly resemblant to what happened in Ferguson few months ago: a black teen gunned down by a white cop, with the body left there in the street for hours, causing the outrage of the crowd.

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Kevin Costner rilancia il Western

Ecco le nuove serie televisive che partiranno questo autunno sulle reti televisive italiane.

Kevin Costner rilancia il western con il suo Hatfields & McCoys.

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L’autunno caldo delle serie tv (free)

Si prospetta un autunno caldo, in termini di serie tv, quello che ci attende sulle reti televisive italiane a partire da settembre 2013, costellato di alcune interessanti novità.

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