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Shondaland: one of the main characters is about to get killed

You can love or hate Shonda Rhimes, but one thing is for sure: she knows what storytelling is and can definitely get you hooked up in her stories.
Now, imagine the shock of those stories’ fans when one of their favorite characters, in which they have invested so much (emotional) energies, will be killed.
Ok, I agree, there are worse things that can happen to you in real life, but, fandom-wise, that’s almost worse than your favorite series being canceled out of nowhere.

Well, then, Shondaland fans buckle your seatbelt because apparently a source revealed that:  Continue reading »

Tv Series: 15 (episodes) is the new 22?

When How to Get Away with Murder became one of biggest televisive success of the fall soon after its debut, ABC’s decision to pick up the drama for a full season was no surprise.

What was surprising, though, was the length of the full-season order: 15 episodes, instead of the canonical 22 of an average network show.

The reason behind this number must be traced back to  Continue reading »

Viola Davis: “La fame mi ha fatto evadere”

“‘Ti daremo tre o quattro scene, mai abbastanza per dimostrare quello che vali. Ti prenderai il tuo insignificante stipendio e poi ti tornerà la fame per il prossimo ruolo, che sarà assolutamente uguale al precedente.’ Ecco, è così che Hollywood tratta le sue attrici di colore”.  Continue reading »