Master’s degree in
Media Communications

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Milan

Final grade:
 110/110 summa cum laude

Thesis: “Social tv – The social dimension of the television in the age of internet and second screens”


  • 2012 – International Thesis Scolarship for a 3 months research across the USA
  • 2011 – Scolarship “Design your career”


  • cultural economics e-book project
  • varsity basketball team


The overall aim of this Graduate program is to develop knowledge in various fields of the Media Communication science, functional to the understanding of national and international scenarios and to train graduate students capable of performing organizational and management functions of high responsibility in:
– research in the field of new media;
– critical diagnosis and strategic evaluation of communication processes, especially audiovisual ones;
– analysis and formulation of strategies for managing social and cultural phenomena of complex organizations.


  • Analysis and Study of Communicative Processes (seminar)
  • Audiovisual Communication strategies and functions (with final project work)
  • Business Administration / Corporate Economics (with final project work)
  • Communication theories and forms (with final project work)
  • Mass Media, Personal Media and Globalization (with paper assignment)
  • Media Economics (with group project work)
  • Media Sociology and Anthropolgy (with final project work)
  • New Media and Social Networks (with paper assignment)
  • Pragmatic and Semiotic of Media Communication (with final project)
  • Social PsicoSociology of Mediated Communication (with final project work)
  • Strategy and programming of Media Products (seminar)
  • Theories and tecniques for New Media Research (seminar w/