Exclusive spoilers on Castle Season 8 Premiere

At Disney ABC’s summer TCA, Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle himself delivered some interesting and (mostly) new exciting spoilers abiut the upcoming season 8 of Castle exclusuvely for international press, that I’m reporting right after the end of the press conference.

When asked for a tease about the new season, Fillion explained that the Premiere will be a very special two-parter that will have Castle e Beckett somehow “split”.

Worried about what he meant by that, in a following private interview I asked if he was referring to a romantic splitting of the couple but he reassured me that Rick and Kate will still be a couple, but in episode 8×01 Beckett will work at something she won’t  disclose to Castle and for the whole episode he will try to understand what is going on with her.

In episode 8×02 we’ll see the opposite point of view, Beckett’s one, and what she was doing while Castle was worrying over her in the first episode.

Thanks for clarifying, Nathan, now we can sleep better tonight 😉

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