What’s the secret of Arrow’s success

Today I’d like to talk about the CW’s 3 years old series Arrow.

I have been one of the first people to first watch that series, more than a month before it hit the tv screens thanks to the 2012 fall lineup of the PaleyFest.

In the review that I wrote at the time I concluded that it seemed like a very interesting project with a lot of potential and it was only up to the authors to “not keep it looming in the shadow of Smalville and have it shine of its own light”, but I was criticized of being too optimistic.

After that, I never really took the time to keep up with the series (so many others to watch, so little time), and while I got distracted, it suddenly became a hit pretty much everywhere, despite the critics and everything.

What are the ingredients of this unexpected success?

  1. Who doesn’t like superheroes?
    For the very nature of their being so evidently fictional, you already know that you will have to suspend your disbelief if you want to enjoy their tales. (So if you start questioning why nobody can recognize Oliver just because of a hood, that’s not the right approach, smartypants!)
  2. Stephen Amell abs.
    I meant it as a joke, but on a second thought it is probably the reason why it is so popular even among women, that usually are not that into action movies or superheroes.
  3. Olicity
    Meaning the desire of the fans to see Oliver and Felicity together as a couple. Originally the on/off dynamic of the show was going to be centered around Oliver and Laurel, like in the comics, but viewers immediately disliked the supposedly charming Laurel and fell in love with the nerdy Felicity. With a very wise move, the authors immediately picked up on this collective (and overwhelming) feeling and steered the show in the right direction, centering the will they/won’t they around Oliver and Felicity.
  4. The Mythology
    I’m not really familiar with the Green Arrow comics mythology, but I guess that if I was, a tv show on my favorite character would be simply awesome!

Do you think I am forgetting something? Feel free to give me your reason for Arrow’s success in the comments here below!

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  1. Along with the mythology of the Green Arrow series, I think that a good reason to watch the show it’s actually… the opposite.
    In which I mean the writers’ ability to make a story of their own, taking inspiration from the comics, but being somehow independent, and this is also the reason why you can see a heated argument between comics’ purists and “beginners”, the first group would like to see on TV something more close to the original comics, the second defend writers room’s creative independence (see the all Lauriver vs. Olicity drama).

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