Shondaland: one of the main characters is about to get killed

You can love or hate Shonda Rhimes, but one thing is for sure: she knows what storytelling is and can definitely get you hooked up in her stories.
Now, imagine the shock of those stories’ fans when one of their favorite characters, in which they have invested so much (emotional) energies, will be killed.
Ok, I agree, there are worse things that can happen to you in real life, but, fandom-wise, that’s almost worse than your favorite series being canceled out of nowhere.

Well, then, Shondaland fans buckle your seatbelt because apparently a source revealed that: 

An insider tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP exclusively, “Shonda is getting ready to pull something BIG. MASSIVE. And it is going to rock her fanbase to the core. I  can’t say which show will be affected, but it will  leave Shondaland viewers and fans reeling in their tracks.
ABC had better get ready for an onslaught of messages from fans – because this one is going to hurt.”

Source: Naughty Gossip

I know that the source may not seem the most reliable, but it has been quoted also on the much more trustworthy so there must be some truth in there.
Also: it’s Shonda Rhimes we are talking about. She has killed plenty of (main) characters throughout the years, so it wouldn’t really be something new for her.

Any guess on who might be? I have some ideas.

  • First of all I would exclude “How to get away with murder” since the spoiler seems to refer to the ending of this tv season and HTGAWM already wrapped up this year production. Plus, they’ve already killed 2 main characters this season, so…
  • Grey’s Anatomy as well has had plenty of main (and not-so-much) characters’ deaths, so the odds of that happening again are a little slighter than Scandal‘s… but still.
  • If someone in Grey’s must be killed I’d say: Derek would be the one fans would really grieve for, while Meredith would have them crying tears of joy, but she’s the one to name the show, so…
    But I think to remember both actors have already signed until s12.
    Who else? Callie? Arizona?
  • Scandal is the one with more space for killing a main character since it’s becoming a little bit crowdy. The only 3 I’d exclude are Fitz (you can not kill the President!), Olivia (for obvious reasons) and Cy. All the others are game.
    The problem is that they are a very tight group behind the scenes. Killing off one of them would mean breaking the group and the show could be affected by it.

What do YOU think? Who is getting axed?

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