March Tv (cancellation) Madness

Here we are in one of the year’s hottest periods for deciding the fate of tv shows, and network’s ones in particular.

Just few hours ago TvLine published the list of the series that are currently in danger of cancellation. Let’s see which fan favorite shows are risking the axe.

  • Castle (ABC)
  • CSI (CBS)
  • Hawaii Five-O (CBS)
  • Nashville (ABC)
  • Revenge (ABC)
  • Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
  • The Middle (ABC)
  • The Mindy Project (FOX)
  • Hart of Dixie (CW)

As you can see, 4 out 9 of this list are broadcasted on ABC, which means that the network is probably figuring out which ones it’s worth keeping and which ones to cancel. It is very likely that they will keep monitoring the ratings for some time and then announce the faith of all of them together, like often happens. The good news is that is very unlikely that they will cancel ALL of them, so one or two actually have some chances of survival after all.

The one that really concerns me, honestly, is Castle, which -as you may know by now- is one of my favorite.
Both series’ leads (Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic) contracts expire at the end of the current 7th season and seems like they are both ready to start new projects.
And, honestly, for as much as it pains me to say this, maybe the time has come to pull the plug to this show. As much as I still like it, I have to admit that the last 2 seasons have started to lose the touch and, except for a few very good episodes, I admit that I don’t anticipate new episodes like I used to.
The rumor is that ABC may gave the series an additional half season to close the story properly. We’ll see what happens.

What do you guys think?
Which one of the series of the list you would “suffer” to see cancelled?


  • Sleepy Hollow: RENEWED FOR SEASON 3
    Incrdible but true, FOX renewed Sleepy Hollow, hiring a new shorunner
  • Hart of Dixie (: ONE FINAL SEASON
    The show was granted a final shortened season.
  • Still no words on the others

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  1. Luca says:

    I agree with you about the last 2 Castle season: the core of the show was the “I want but I can’t” romantic relationship between Castle and Beckett, so I think it has been natural to lose some audience after they finally married (or so). Best season was the 4th and it’s almost impossible for writers replay that scenes and also raitings will never be again like that. However, I don’t think ABC is watching nowaday raiting in a negative way (post hyatus are good and the +3 / +7 are in the top 20 of the week). The only thing that has questioned Castle Renewal is the contract situation (if both Stana and Nathan had a 1more year contract, there was no doubt about season8). Reading this year interviews I believe in a final 8th season (maybe shorter than usually, as you said).

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