Why another blog?

Oh no! She’s starting another blog!!!

I know, I know, my previous attempts at blogging have not been very successful or, to be completely honest, they all miserably failed.
But let me explain.

The first time I was only 19 and MSN still was “the next big thing”.
I used it for a few months to write very sad things and notify the whole world about the end of my first serious relationship.
Once I got over it, I was so busy doing everything else that I even forgot I had a blog.

My second attempt at blogging started in 2009, with my first very important international experience: the 3 months internship at JWT, in Madrid (Spain).
I was so thrilled to share all the little things of my life abroad with my friends back home, but after a while they stopped commenting and I was so busy living it, that at some point I stopped caring about writing it in the blog.
I also remember that summer to be the one where Facebook really started to get popular, so I guess that contributed to kill my blogging mood as well.

My third blogging attempt was in 2011, when I was about to for my second very important working experience abroad: the 3 months internship at RAI Corporation in New York City. It ended up being even briefer than the previous ones: just 7 posts in less than 2 months and it was already over.
Too busy living the dream to have the time to write about it.
Plus: I had just got what can be considered the ancestor of a smartphone, so a social network update was so much more effortless!

So, – you’ll ask – why this time should be different?

Well, this time I don’t plan to write about me, but I aim to share my knowledge and my opinions about what I am passionate about, meaning: the tv industry and that space online where television meets social media.
Will I be able to keep posting? Well, I guess we are about to find out…

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  1. edspangler says:

    Your reasons for not keeping up with a blog are pretty much why I’ve never started one–too busy living life to slow down and write about it. I guess I manage to post brief updates to social media but before this class, starting a blog seemed like a big, pointless endeavor that I probably wouldn’t keep up with for very long.

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